Don’t Mess With The Lady in Black!

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Uncategorised
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Well, can’t say much except that we can definitely have our objections after watching the trailer of a new animated series called, ‘Burka Avenger’ but it really does leave a good and strong impression of a burqa clad woman!

Whether it was intended or not is a totally different issue but it’s hilarious to see that the positive image of a burqa clad woman is giving secular minded people a lot of pain and they wish that the Pakistani superwoman would have shown more skin and less mannerism!

6 Lessons Disney Could Learn From Pakistan’s ‘Burka Avenger’

The Huffington Post | By LindseyDavis

burka avenger

Part karate kid and part superhero, Pakistan’s first animated television series is a better role model for girls than any princess Disney’s ever drawn.

She’s called the Burka Avenger, and she’s the defender of girls’ education and women’s rights.

The brainchild of Pakistani pop star Aaron Haroon Rashid, the cartoon was created as a way to combat the Taliban’s intense opposition to educating girls, AP reports.

We think Disney could learn a thing or two about what a female protagonist should look like from the fearless Burka Avenger.

1. She fights villains with Takht Kabaddi — a form of karate that uses books and pens as weapons, because she’s all about emphasizing the importance of education.


To her, books are more than a prop to dance with.


2. By day, she’s Jiya, the reserved school teacher — but when bad guys come around, she dons a burka to conceal her identity and saves the day.


And unlike Mulan, her alter ego is still proudly feminine.


3. Educating children and saving her village are her main priorities.


So she’s a little too busy to become enamored by her own reflection.


4. Her sidekicks are three adorable kids, and she’s constantly saving and inspiring them..

burka avenger

.. Instead of the other way around.

5. Her burka is a source of power, not oppression. She can even use it to fly.


So she doesn’t need a man to sweep her off her feet.


6. She’s fighting bad guys that actually exist in the real world — corrupt politicians and vengeful mercenaries who are limiting access to education.


Which makes evil witches and mean stepsisters look like a cakewalk.


BONUS: Instead of singing about love or longing, the Avenger’s theme song is all about how she makes things happen:

“Don’t mess with the lady in black, when she’s on the attack.”

The series is set to premier in early August.

  1. wallahi says:

    Jazakillah mate.

  2. sahar says:

    jazakillah sister…mujhe ap ki mails milti hn mgr me ap ko janti nai shyd ap apna taruf dedn.

  3. wallahi says:

    barakillah sis. aap ne mujhe 2010 main email ki thi jamiat talibaat ki taraf se kuch da’wati kaam discuss karne k lye 🙂

  4. shireen says:

    jazkiAllah for giving us another view…….r u or ppl like u r involved in this stuff? great change is possible through these cartoons…..rite now they are controlling our kids thoughts and behaviour.

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