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Empowering Muslim Women through Modesty

It is imperative to admit that the carvers of Capitalism have commenced a shocking war against Muslim women. The paper aims to address challenges faced by the Muslim women in the United Kingdom in particular, and the West in general, and through its startling findings it seeks to benefit more than 800 million Muslim women in the world.

The paper acknowledges how stringently nationalistic tones of certain far-right groups question identity and loyalty of British Muslim women. Debates and premeditated destructive propaganda regarding practises such as hijab, wearing of a veil and on an overall concept of modesty, which steers all facets of Muslim women’s life, has given birth to identity crisis. Such crises give rise to many questions pertaining to the faith British Muslim women practise, hence exposing them to many inward and outward challenges in the West.

It is believed that if indeed Islam, Christianity and Judaism originate from the same source, then the holy scriptures of the three monotheistic religions must have many shared rituals and divine directives regarding one of the most ancient and important social norms, modesty, without which a god fearing society ceases to exist. The paper explores the above notion in detail citing quotations and establishing that indeed all monotheistic religions require women to grow and maintain modesty in all facets of life to earn God’s pleasure and to achieve their purpose of existence.

The paper embarks upon establishing a correlation between the Islamic values and the values once cherished by the Western civilisation, which today seem to have embraced complete annihilation due to the emergence of Sexual Revolution from 1960s to 1980s. The author examines impressive oeuvres produced by one of the most influential carvers of the Western civilisation and a philosopher cum poet, William Shakespeare and the unmatchable works of a philosopher cum poet of the East and the true pioneer of the modern renaissance of Islam, namely Allama Muhammad Iqbal. It is then proved that the two giants are very much relevant to the Muslim women’s situation in the here and now and their oeuvres possess the ability to boost the morale of the Muslim women and to enable them to take ownership and pride in the British culture heritage.

The research investigates the main cause which changed the course of the Western civilisation and caused it to degenerate. The paper includes surprising findings with regards to one of the most worn pieces of clothing in the West, Jeans, and how churches in Britain forbade women to don Jeans and why.

The author concludes by presenting a scientific research carried out at the Princeton University which supports the paper’s theme, “Empowering Women through Modesty”, hence confirming the fact that science has always proved God right.”

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