Happy New Islamic Year 1433

Hakuna Matata by Juwairiyah Faisal Khan

The year 1432 is over. We have stepped into a new Islamic year, so mabrook (congratulations) to all those who managed to stick to the teachings of Allah swt and His Prophet Muhammad saw and have been able to step into it with the best of imaan. The past year brought us more closer to the Hereafter than past several years put together! Most of Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) predictions, from the bloodshed in the Arab Countries and elsewhere to the chaos and disharmony within the Muslim Ummah, from major disastrous earthquakes, storms and other natural disasters to the estrangement of Deen Al Islam, have already taken place! So without a doubt, the end of times has already approached and has entered its final phase – isn’t it high time for us to devotedly choose the path which takes us directly to the safest destination possible, Jannah (Paradise), without any hitches and glitches? My gift to you, on this New Year, is an invite! An invitation to the only PATH which leads to ultimate success and demands sincerity, dedication and consistency, the path which, if you decide to walk upon, is bound to take away all your worries and leave you nothing less than the happiest human being on the face of this earth! So as long as you commit yourself to what the Creator of all that exists says in Surah As Saff, you are bound to have no worries for the rest of your days and it surely is the only problem-free philosophy as if today, on the very first day of this Islamic year, you commit yourself to do what Allah asks of you, Allah will commit himself in fulfilling what you have to ask of HIM! So, Hakuna Matata! Happy New Islamic Year!

 Surah As Saff (verses 10 to 11): O you who have believed, shall I tell you of a bargain that will save you from a painful torment? It is that you should believe in Allah and His Messenger, and should exert your utmost in Allah’s Way with your wealth and your selves. This would be best for you if you only knew!


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