Day 19

Please take full benefit of these slides in order to enjoy what is being read in Taraweeh. Kindly, do not forget to make du’a for me and for all those who helped in the Qur’an Summary for Salat Al Taraweeh Project. Spread the word and earn reward from Allah swt.

May Allah swt make it a shield for all those who helped, in any way or form to either create, publish, spread or act upon what is conveyed through this project, from hell fire, amen.

Yours in Deen,

Juwairiyah Faisal Khan

::Day 19:: Surah Al ‘Ahzab: verses 31 to 73, Surah Saba: verses 1 to 54, Surah Fatir: verses 1 to 45 AND Surah Yaseen: verses 1 to 29::




Slide4 Slide5

Slide6 Slide7




Slide8 Slide9

Slide10 Slide11

Slide12 Slide13

Slide14 Slide15


Slide16 Slide17

Slide18 Slide19

Slide20 Slide21

Slide22 Slide23

Slide24 Slide25

Slide26 Slide27

Slide28 Slide29

Slide30 Slide31

Slide32 Slide33

Slide34 Slide35


Slide39 Slide40


Slide42 Slide43

Slide44 Slide45

Slide46 Slide47

Slide48 Slide49

Slide50 Slide51



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